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I change my plans

2012-03-19 02:44:35 by rnhrfjkui

I Making my steele of animations and i'm not going to continue madness killer.
say me what you think

I change my plans

I make Madness Killer

2012-03-09 11:12:54 by rnhrfjkui

i'm work now on my best animation but it could delayed because all
the teasts in my school
but here a trailer
i will Finish the movie Until 25/5/2012
(my Birthday)

I make Madness Killer

somone can help me

2012-03-09 05:56:56 by rnhrfjkui

somone can give my a tips how to make my animation better
and i make my carecters by myself

my first movie

2012-03-07 04:45:48 by rnhrfjkui

I complite my first movie you need to see that

he just for tast newgrounds
wite the uplod

(the tast)

2012-03-07 02:42:11 by rnhrfjkui

hi i'm and my friend going to make a big movie of tasts

i'm a begins animahtor and i'm wont you see this to you can say my i'm bad or good
and pleas help me whit my walk
walk and shoot